Making Technology a Reality

What separates KCMS from all the other IT consulting companies is our commitment to customer service, our management and staff, and the fact that we actually care about your businesses success and prosperity. Customer Service is a term all companies throw around but few really deliver. Many companies in today’s economy offer similar types of products and services. At KCMS we not only demand that the products and services we sell are of high quality but the customer service is excellent throughout the entire process. KCMS has always provided outstanding customer service to all clients and will continue to do so in the future.

KCMS’s staff consists of individuals who have degrees from some of the top technical and business universities in the nation. In addition KCMS consists of individuals who have spent numerous years working for various high-tech organizations throughout the country. Our engineers are Microsoft Certified, meaning they are not self-proclaimed experts; they actually have to pass national industry standard exams in order to achieve this status.

KCMS places a large emphasis on education and believes that qualified people can help improve any business. We participate in internship programs with some local area colleges. We believe in investing back into our community, and developing tomorrows leaders. Intelligence, hard work, long hours, and perseverance have made our company a success. Let us bring these strong qualities to your company so you can entrust your organizations IT needs to real professionals.